To provide innovative and efficient irrigation and agribusiness services, fostering economic growth and sustainability in the agricultural sector."

Mobilize 200 million Malawi Kwacha in capital by 2026

To be a leading force in sustainable irrigation water supply services by ensuring the prosperity of both Water Users Association and the business community."

We specializes in providing comprehensive irrigation water supply and agribusiness services tailored to the needs of Water Users Associations. Our core focus lies in facilitating efficient water management and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Through strategic initiatives, we aim to mobilize significant capital by 2026 while ensuring the prosperity of both Water Users Associations and the broader business community. Our services encompass infrastructure development, training programs, competitive pricing models, and robust marketing strategies to enhance irrigation water services. Additionally, we engage in contract farming, value addition activities, and efficient off-taking mechanisms to foster growth and sustainability in the agricultural sector. Committed to innovation and efficiency, we strive to be a leading force in driving economic development and environmental stewardship within the agricultural landscape.

The objectives of WUA SUPPORT & AGRIBUSINESS SERVICES include but not limited to the following:

1. Diversification and Expansion: Expand FISDAL's operations and reach by diversifying into agribusiness services and commercial farming, leveraging the existing infrastructure and expertise of the parent company, FISD Limited Company.

2. Operational Excellence: Ensure operational excellence in all aspects of agribusiness services, including farm management, irrigation systems, and value chain optimization, to deliver the highest quality products and services to clients and stakeholders.

3. Innovation and Technology Adoption: Continuously innovate and adopt cutting-edge technologies in farming practices, irrigation systems, and agribusiness solutions to enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability across FISDAL's operations.

4. Commodity Trading Excellence: Excel in commodity trading by aggregating grains and legumes for export in large quantities, focusing on key commodities such as soybeans, groundnuts, maize, common beans, and sugar beans, while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.

5. Agribusiness Support Services: Provide comprehensive agribusiness support services, including mobilization and organization development for smallholder farmers, to enhance their capacity and productivity, foster entrepreneurship, and contribute to rural development and poverty alleviation initiatives.

1. Trainings of farmers in various areas

2. Crop monitoring services

3. Linkage to credible input suppliers

4. Facilitating linkage of farmers to markets

Who we Are

FISD Agribusiness Limited(FISDAL) is a subsidiary of the Foundation for Irrigation and Sustainable Development(FISD) Limited Company. FISDAL launched its business in June 2017 as part of diversification initiative for FISD Limited Company Our vision is to become a leading company in agribusiness services and irrigation farming while applying innovative technologies. This will be accomplished through our mission which is “to provide the highest quality agribusiness services and practicing commercial farming for a variety of high quality agriculture commodities for value addition and raw export” FISDAL

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