To improve rural livelihood through promotion of comprehensive agricultural, agribusiness, water and environmental management strategies

Our goal is to enhance rural livelihoods and promote comprehensive development in agriculture, agribusiness, water, and environmental management, thereby contributing to the overall well-being and resilience of communities in need.

To become a leading force in sustainable rural development, empowering communities and fostering resilience through innovative agricultural, water, and environmental management strategies.

FISD does its work around the following thematic areas: Agriculture and Food security, Climate change, irrigation, agriculture, Nutrition, Education, Gender, human rights, child protection, humanitarian assistance, and environment management

The objectives of NGO (CHARITABLE PROJECTS) include but not limited to the following:

1. To introduce and develop the concept of integrating irrigation with small-scale livestock production and in-land fishing

2. To emphasize that less privileged women are engaged in Agro based enterprises, to enhance income amongst them considering mainly that women are victims of respect of human rights, are politically weak and often are the first victims of poor governance.

3. To engage youths in Agro-based enterprises in an attempt to reduce the problem of unemployment so that the youths contribute to Socio-economic development of the country

4. To offer training services of proper land use and planning for improved and sustainable livelihood

5. To sensitize rural people on the dangers of environmental degradation on catchment areas and also to implement programmes that will address the problem of environmental degradation, e.g. agro-forestry and reforestation.

Who we Are

We are a Sectors that is involved in: Agriculture and Food Security, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Education, gender, and Natural Resource and Environmental Management.

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WFP Funded School Meals Project

In Ertharin Cousin’s words, “You can keep saving the same lives every year, we need to make changes to their lives so they don’t need saving”. For some years now, the World Food Program has been committed to arresting starvation engineered pr...

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Like Many African countries, Malawi experiences low enrolment in the primary school due to, among other things, poverty. Most families fail to provide the basic necessities to school going children. Despite government’s efforts through offering fre...

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In a quest to promote the right to adequate food, the Foundation for Irrigation and Sustainable Development (FISD) in collaboration with Green Livelihood (GL) embarked on a project in Dowa district with funding from the Dan Church Aid (DCA). The proj...

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INACoSH Project

With a US$ 718,201.00grant, FISD is implementing the Integrated Approaches to Natural Resources Management and Conservation for sustainable Hydro-power (INA-CoSH) Project in the Lunzu-Linjidzi (Blantyre) priority sub-catchment under the environmental...

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The marginalization of women is largely routed from our culture and has consequently fueled the drop-out rate of girl students in schools country wide. SPISES is a THREE years project whose core quest is to arrest the rising drop-out rate of girl-stu...

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MSIA: Towards food and Income Security

The sheer notion of always waiting on rains for everyday food provision is a recipe for food insecurity. Due to overdependence on rain-fed agriculture, for a long time farmers of T/A Kalolo in Lilongwe West have been facing challenges in their agric...

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