FISD Exhibits solutions that back Agricultural Commercialization.

On the 9th of January 2020, The Malawi Government launched the world bank-bankrolled National Agricultural Commercialization Program. The quest of the program is to increase commercialization of agriculture value chain products selected under it. FISD was invited to showcase some of its products and services that relate to this program. FISD, the indigenous black Malawian company exhibited the biggest drilling league in Malawi capable of boring boreholes up to 750m deep with a 350mm diameter. This solution is capable of making irrigation farming possible everywhere in Malawi including places that do not have surface water in turn enabling farmers to harvest at least three times a year there by increasing profitability.

FISD also exhibited solar mills which can help farmers to add value to their produce and sell for more at almost zero operating cost.

The other product that the company showcased is the solar pump m’manja. This is a solar powered floating water pump that is suitable for smallholder farmers. The pump can water a 2 hectare land in a single day. The pump, pumps over 40, 000 litres of water per hour and has a maximum elevation head of 15 metres. The pump is also available on loan. A farmer pays the initial 30% of the total cost then pays the remnant over a year whilst using the pump.

Knowing the various financial woes that smallholder farmers face, FISD is also committed to financing agricultural development by providing various loans to support agricultural commercialization. These loans were also showcased at the launch.

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