Japanese Embassy Commissions FISD Implemented Solar Powered Irrigated School Garden for Sustainable School Meals Project

There is no denying that Malawi needs sustainable solutions to end problems which are routed right from our schools. December 3rd 2019 will go down in the history as the day on which the Foundation for irrigation and Sustainable development together with the Japanese Embassy Commissioned and handed over the ground breaking  Solar Powered Irrigated School Garden for Sustainable School Meals Project at Machentche L.E.A School. The quest of the project is to iron out hunger related absenteeism, drop out and attention loss during lessons by providing learners with meals, at the school which is in T.A Chiseka’s area on the outskirts of Lilongwe.  

The project was funded by the Embassy of Japan and was implemented by FISD. The project is a sustainable homegrown model which emphasizes on a school based agribusiness initiatives where the schools grow their high value horticultural crops under solar powered irrigation system which they sell and use the proceeds to procure food items with which they use to feed the learners. The challenge that the traditional homegrown school meals model has faced is that due to the climate change related effects of un-predictable rainfalls, dry spells and droughts the schools didn’t have enough food. But this model ensures on going agriculture production on a rolling basis under irrigation.

Overall the following are the major achievement components of the project: